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Live4now South Africa   currently offers Wildlife volunteering programmes focused mainly on conservation. www.live4now.co.za

We have recently started a new programme which is separate to the volunteering programmes called  ‘Wild Vets’ which is designed specifically for veterinary students or people who are associated within the veterinary science field and would like to get practical, hands-on experience with domestic and wild animals in South Africa, under the supervision of a wildlife vet. It addresses aspects such as Wildlife disease, animal rehabilitation, game capture techniques, ecological management and veterinary care in underprivileged areas to mention a few.

The programme lasts for 3 weeks. Accommodation (Chalet and dormitory style), all in-country transport, activities and food (3 meals a day) are included in the package.

We designed this programme to incorporate a high educational value for the students. It incorporates large amounts of practical interactions and animal focussed lectures.

The 3 weeks consist of:

- 14 days: Practical interactions and lectures
- 1 day: Practical snake handling course
- 3 days: Travelling
- 2 days: Activities
- 1 day: Administering a lecture on animal welfare

To make this programme viable a minimum of 12 students are needed. With every 12 students that sign up a lecturer or person involved can attend the programme free of charge. (Flights, insurance and visas are not included). The lecturer is then able to validate the students learning and incorporate it into their syllabus, if need be.

We have attached the programmes brochure and information booklet for you to have a look at. We have also attached an application form for the students to fill in and send back to me if they are interested in coming on the programme.

If you would like to watch our promotional video please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJMqEtFa28U

If this is something your university students would be interested in attending and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

Melissa du Plooy
Wildlife volunteering coordinator
Wild Vets coordinator

Live4now Volunteering South Africa
web: www.live4now.co.uk
email: melissa@live4now.co.za
tel: +27 74 0277570

Wild Vets Application form)
Wild Vets Information booklet
Wild Vets Programme Brochure